Tuesday, September 19, 2017

1999 Pacific: I Was Hoping for One of Those Die-Cuts (and I Got It)!

As I have mentioned previously, I started ripping my box of 1999 Pacific back in July...but with 36 packs in the box (and not a lot of inserts), my attention ended up drifting away to current releases at the time (such as Allen & Ginter) and I kind of forgot about the second half of the Pacific box (especially since each pack opened meant I needed to write a blog post).

Well, no fear for those that wanted me to keep going - I'm back and ready to rip the 19th pack out of the box.

Pack 19:

73.  Bret Saberhagen
105.  Mike Sirotka
110.  Bret Boone

I actually have enjoyed listening to Boone's brother Aaron on the ESPN baseball telecasts.  He is able to offer some nice insights and information to the game (especially when he's not forced to talk specifically about either the Dodgers or Yankees).

186.  Jeff Bagwell
190. Carl Everett
245.  Ron Coomer
293.  Hideki Irabu

One of the coolest "head shot" variations I've seen - look at that sky in the background.  This is an awesome looking card!

328.  Mark Leiter
375.  Greg Vaughn
Gold Crown Die-Cuts:  34.  Mark McGwire

The Gold Crown Die-Cuts are seeded 1:37 packs so there wasn't a 100% guarantee that we'd pull one in our box.  Amazingly, the Gold Crown set contains 36 cards...which means you'd need to rip a LOT of wax in order to complete the entire set (think cases of the product).  That's crazy.  I'm happy to simply have one of the die-cut cards, even if it is a freakin' Cardinal.

That does it for today's pack - and it was definitely one of the best packs out of the box.  I guess good things come to those who wait!


arpsmith said...

Nice pack! I really like the die cut card, I would be the Big Mac card would have been a huge pull back in the day.

The Lost Collector said...

I've always loved their gold crown diecuts!

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