Thursday, September 28, 2017

1999 Pacific: Mullet Overload.

Admittedly, my 1999 Pacific pack rip packs haven't been the most highly received posts that I have ever written for the blog.  That said, I have enjoyed the occasional comments and remembrances of this particular set that some of you have shared.  For those that are sick of seeing 1999 Pacific on the blog, hang tight a few more days...this is the 28th pack out of the box so we are nearly done!

Pack 28:
33.  Ryan Klesko
42.  John Smoltz
136.  Jim Thome

Image variation card.
164.  Luis Gonzalez
195.  Randy Johnson

Mullet overload.
238.  Mike Matheny
271.  Ugueth Urbina
316.  Kenny Rogers
377.  Rich Aurilia
422.  Royce Clayton

That does it for this Braves heavy pack.  Quite a few more "big names" overall than in some of the packs we've seen.


Trevor P said...

I had totally forgotten about Randy Johnson on the Astros.

Bru said...

Now that is a nice Randy! If you wind up with any spare 'Stros, I still need several of these.

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