Wednesday, September 27, 2017

1999 Pacific: One of the Best Packs So Far!

Today's pack is a good one...which is nice since yesterday's pack pretty much sucked!

Pack 27:
93.  Pedro Valdes
106.  Frank Thomas

Head shot variation - and it's one of the best such variations in the set!

138.  Jaret Wright
160.  Tony Clark
224.  Ramon Martinez
299.  Paul O'Neill
362.  Fernando Tatis
388.  Kirk Rueter
416.  Fred McGriff

An interesting photograph.

Team Checklist:  7.  Jeff King (Royals)

That's our third Team Checklist insert out of the box which is remarkable since the Checklists are seeded 2:37 (meaning we should't get more than two per box).  I would have liked to have pulled the Reds' checklist card (which features Barry Larkin) but even so, getting a third insert is nice (and the checklist cards look great in hand)!

A solid pack for sure!  Now I just need to track down the Barry Larkin cards in the set!  There's still time for one to show up...but so far I've been shut out so things are looking super promising on the Larkin front.


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