Tuesday, September 12, 2017

1999 Pacific: One Third of the Way Through...

For today, I'm ripping the twelfth pack out of the 1999 Pacific box - and with it, we will hit the 1/3 mark of the box!  It's been a fun box to open thus far...and I certainly hope you are all enjoying this throwback look at an older set that probably escaped attention by many of us!

Pack 12:
5.  Darin Erstad
44.  Walt Weiss

Nice action shot here of Weiss.

55.  Mike Mussina
153.  John Thomson
178.  Ryan Jackson
228.  Gary Sheffield
266.  Terry Jones
337.  Lou Collier
387.  Armando Rios

That's our head shot variation for the pack.

403.  Makoto Suzuki

A few decent names in that pack, though I never heard of Terry Jones or Makoto Suzuki before opening the pack.  It's kind of fun to discover new players once in awhile though - and you have to like the Pacific included lots of players from each team (as opposed to the normal couple of stars and rookies for all teams not named the Yankees or Dodgers like so many sets do).


Matt Stupienski said...

That Walt Weiss is great. Love it.

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