Tuesday, September 26, 2017

1999 Pacific: Some Months Fly By, Others? Not So Much.

We are nearing the end of September...and with it, the first full month of school teaching for me.  For some reason, the fall semester always seems to fly by during the month of September, then slow to a near crawl in October before once again flying by in November and December.

The spring semester, on the other hand, is basically a slow (and cold) crawl from January all the way through the end of March.  It only moves fast during April...or so it seems to me each year.

Another thing that is moving quite quickly, all things considered, is my romp through my box of 1999 Pacific baseball.  We are up to the 26th pack, which keeps us on pace for a pack a day through the beginning of October while I finish up the box!

Pack 26:
49.  Danny Clyburn

My head shot variation is of a guy that I've never heard of.  Not the most interesting photograph either...and I have to wonder, is that the natural sky in the background or some sort of photography backdrop?

85.Jose Hernandez
98.  Mike Cameron
127.  Brian Giles
203.  Jermaine Dye
278.  Butch Huskey
300.  Andy Pettitte
350.  Juan Acevedo
380.  Joe Carter
413.  Albie Lopez

You know it's a fairly boring pack when the best non-variation I have to scan is a card of a guy named Albie.

And so it goes.  Onward to pack 27 next...and the end of September as we know it.


JediJeff said...

Best non-variation. You mean image wise, right? Cuz that Albie card is AWESOME!

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