Tuesday, October 03, 2017

1999 Pacific: The Dopiest Derek Jeter Card I've Ever Seen

This pack has the derpiest looking Derek Jeter that I've ever seen on a card.

Pack 33:
118.  Chris Stynes
142.  Vinny Castilla
177.  Livan Hernandez
187.  Derek Bell
256.  Terry Steinbach

A nice action shot.  Not too many of those in the set.

294.  Derek Jeter

This is the image variation, but man, what a terribly dopey looking Jeter.

323.  Ricky Bottalico
340.  Jose Guillen
346.  Jason Schmidt
374.  Ruben Rivera

That does it for that pack.  I don't know if you can call the Jeter card a true "highlight" but it was certainly the most noteworthy card in the pack.  As for the remaining packs?  Only three more yet to be ripped!


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