Thursday, October 05, 2017

1999 Pacific: The Penultimate Pack of Pacific!

This is (almost) it!  We are down to our final two packs in the box of 1999 Pacific.  Time is running out for landing any cool parallels (or Barry Larkin cards)...let's see if we strike gold in the second-to-last pack of the box.

Pack 35:
45.  Roberto Alomar

Image variation.

80.  Rod Beck
133.  Chad Ogea
209.  Jose Offerman
241.  Bob Wickman
246.  Marty Cordova
320.  Bob Abreu
396.  Ken Griffey, Jr.

Best card of the pack, no question about it.

414.  Dave Martinez
Diamond Dynagon:  16.  Mike Piazza

That is our fourth Diamond Dynagon insert from the box (they are seeded 4:37 packs which means we did as well as expected there).  

And with that, there is only one more pack remaining.  Come back tomorrow for one final 1999 Pacific pack rip post.  Thanks for sticking with me as I rip pack after pack of a product that is decidedly NOT a recent edition or the "hottest thing" out on the market.  Despite the "oldness" of the box, I hope you've enjoyed a look at the set.


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