Wednesday, October 04, 2017

1999 Pacific: What is Your LEAST Favorite Team to Get in a Pack of Cards?

I've enjoyed ripping my box of 1999 Pacific, even if I have (so far) failed to find a single Barry Larkin card.  With three packs remaining, I still have a glimmer of hope of either pulling a Larkin or one of the rare (I think?) parallels in the set.

Pack 34:
14.  Tony Batista
21.  Bernard Gilkey

The first two cards out of the pack were both Diamondbacks...and that made me think:  What is your least favorite team to get in a pack of cards?  For me, the Diamondbacks have to be up there since I don't seem to ever have anyone request the D-Backs in a trade (other teams for consideration for me:  Marlins, Rays, Angels, Royals, Twins, and Brewers).  

40.  Alex Rodriguez

Image variation.

63.  Darren Bragg
182.  Brian Meadows
207.  Jeff Montgomery
250.  Paul Molitor
257.  Bob Tewksbury
325.  Bobby Estalella
410.  Roberto Hernandez

So, in regards to my earlier comment.  This pack had 2 Diamondbacks, 1 Ray, 2 Twins, 1 Royal, and 1 Marlin in it.  Guess I don't be doing much in the way of trading the cards in this pack (which is fine since I'm planning on completing the set but still, funny how bad the team selection was in the pack)!


P-town Tom said...

Marlins are my nemesis in packs. Usually I save all my Dbacks for Daniel over at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop. I don't know anyone who will take the Marlins. The Rays are a close second, but for some reason I seem to have taken a liking to the way they run their small market operation.

TSHenson said...

As an Indians fan, I do not enjoy pulling cards of the Yankkes even though they are usually easy to trade off. I also seem to pull alot of Royals and Cubw cards.

Anonymous said...

Yankees, no doubt. I fear that Aaron Judge will be the new Derek Jeter in that he'll be on 741 inserts for any given set, and I'll be saying "Aw jeez, HIM again????"

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