Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Barry Larkin Cards Numbered Out of 1500...From the Year 1990 (Wow!)

A month or two ago, I joined a group on Facebook for Barry Larkin collectors.  It was a great move on my part because I've already learned about a ton of different Larkin cards that I didn't even know existed!  One such set is the 1990 Star Gold set of nine different Barry Larkin cards.  I was able to grab the entire set off of eBay for a fairly modest price...

...which isn't bad since the set was (sort of) serially numbered out of 1500 (via a sticker on the plastic case).

From what I learned from the Facebook group, Larkin has a bunch of other Star cards from 1990 including 9 "regular" cards, a regular Promo card, a Gold Promo card, nine Nova cards, a Nova Promo, and 6 cards where Larkin is paired with Bo Jackson.  The Nova cards are numbered out of 500, the Gold Star Promo out of 300, and the Nova Promo out of 100.  As of this point in time, I don't yet own any of the other Larkin cards from the set...and I'm also not entirely sure that the above accurately summarizes all of the Larkin cards available (especially since I couldn't find any meaningful reference to the set online)!

I'll show off each of the various Gold cards in my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection soon!  For a set that I had never heard of, it's actually pretty darn nice!


Collecting Cutch said...

Awesome info. I love all the old oddball Star cards from 80s and 90s

Hackenbush said...

Great addition.

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