Friday, October 20, 2017

Flashback Friday! A Pack of Old School Leaf Baseball

Two years ago, I started a feature (called Flashback Friday) that I thought might become a regular thing here at Nachos Grande.  It was a regular thing for all of two consecutive weeks.  Then, about a year later, it made a glorious one week comeback.  If you are interested, you can read my previous three Flashback Friday each for:

As you can see from the above list, Flashback Friday gives me the opportunity to look at a random set from the past - and who knows, maybe even discover some long lost gems from yesteryear!

For today's Flashback Friday, I have another random pack of yore.  In fact, this particular pack might be the first pack that I'll ever open from the 1992 Leaf set.

As you can see from the golden wrapper, this pack contains cards from the 2nd Series of 1992 Leaf baseball.  The pack contains 15 cards....and frankly, I'm kind of excited to open it up since almost every card from the set should be new to me!

So what does the pack hold?  Here it is, in the order they appeared in the pack.

470.  Andy Stankiewicz

476.  Doug Strange
482.  Mike Gardner
478.  John Wetteland
282.  Omar Olivares
Gold Edition:  270.  Jose Vizcaino

391.  Lou Whitaker
332.  Mark Gubicza
339.  Ruben Amaro
346.  Mike Pagliarulo
319.  Rich Rodriguez
300.  Chito Martinez
355.  Luis Rivera

350.  Albert Belle

345.  Bobby Ojeda

The Gold Edition parallels are seeded one-per-pack if I'm not mistaken.  Other than that, this wasn't an overly interesting pack (though the Luis Rivera card is a definite keeper for me since I like the strangely cropped photograph).  Also, how often does one get a card of Albert Belle bunting? 

So that does it for today's Flashback Friday.  Will the feature return again this year?  Who knows...but it was fun for today!


Chris said...

I opened a lot of these as a kid, and while I wasn't a fan of the gray borders I liked the photography (lots of great action shots) and the black gold parallels. You might be right about them being one per pack, that's how I remembered it anyway.

Leaf sets were pretty rad in the early 90's.

Hackenbush said...

Pretty good photography and yeah, that is one odd bit of cropping. It's almost like the editor decided he was going with the photo no matter what. Kind of like Javier Baez going up to the plate.

Paul's TTM Blog said...

Anytime Albert Belle is shown bunting you have a keeper card.

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