Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ripping an Unopened True Wax Pack!

Yesterday, I took a look at my pile of 2016 baseball cards in an effort to figure out which set(s) to keep and which to get rid of as part of my ongoing Great Reorganization.  Other parts of my reorganizational efforts don't get broadcasted on the blog, especially the "boring things" like general sorting through boxes (and boxes) of stuff.  However, every now and then I find something cool that I either forgot about or simply didn't even know I ever had.

Case in point?  An honest-to-goodness unopened pack of 1990 Fleer.

You see, back in 2015 I decided that I would chase after the 1990 Fleer set...but I still haven't gotten around to putting it in a binder (and, in the process, figuring which cards I still need).  Thus, finding an unopened pack of the stuff is extra nice since it should help me inch closer to completing the set AND I won't have to flip through binder pages since the set isn't in a binder yet!

Let's see what this ancient pack holds...

The wrapper indicates that we should get 15 cards plus the famous Fleer sticker card. 

69.  Ernest Riles (waxy glue is stuck to this one, the perils of a true wax pack I guess)
562.  Steve Jeltz (who is this guy?)
81.  Mike Flanagan (happy looking fellow)

480.  John Smiley  (My brother used to like the Pirates a lot, this card makes me think of him)
383.  Kirby Puckett (pretty nice pull)

All-Star.  #4.  Howard Johnson (in all my packs of Fleer that I opened back in the day, I'm not sure I ever pulled an All-Star card)

656.  Checklist (I wrote on my checklists as a kid so getting a "clean" one is actually appreciated)
469.  Jeff King (another Pirate)
273.  Nick Esasky (I got a full Red Sox team set from my grandfather back in 1990..I think he confused the Red Sox for the Reds but that's's the thought that counts)
260.  Ozzie Smith (another nice pull)

526.  Bill Swift (the first of two Mariners in the pack)
412.  Jack Armstrong (the only Red in the pack)
537.  Eric King (rocking the stirrups, otherwise I got nuthin' for this card)
527.  David Valle (second Mariner of the pack)
363.  Larry Walker (another nice pull)

I have to say, this was a solid pack - including Ozzie, Larry Walker, and Kirby plus an All-Star insert...hard to complain about that!  Oh yeah, the sticker:

I always wondered how Fleer decided which teams to pair up.  As a kid, it never made sense to me...and I'm not sure it makes sense to me now either!

That does it for this throwback pack!  Someday soon (hopefully), I'll actually sort through my 1990 Fleer and get that year fully organized in a binder.  Someday, but probably not today.


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