Thursday, October 26, 2017

Social Media: How Does It Relate to Your Hobby?

The other day I got a message via Twitter about a potential baseball card trade.  That's not particularly odd, in fact, if I had to guess I'd say that probably 30% of my trades get started via Twitter these days...which is actually kind of impressive considering the fact that I'm a spotty (at best) Twitter user (only 1,124 tweets as of the time of this post despite being on Twitter since 2011).  Still, the tweet got me thinking about social media and how it relates to my hobbies.

While I don't update my own Twitter account all that much, I do use Twitter to keep track of various news and events.  I especially like the platform during a big event (for example, during the World Series or during a big football game).  The real-time running commentary from fans is oftentimes the best part of an event (especially in a blowout situation).  In addition to sports, I also have a weakness for the television reality show Survivor so I follow a lot of past Survivor contestants as well. Who knows, maybe someday Survivor will want me on their show (I think it'd be a lot of fun).

In addition to my Twitter account, I have a Facebook account which I update somewhat regularly.  In terms of my hobbies, I do follow a couple of baseball card related pages on Facebook including one devoted entirely to Barry Larkin collectors (which has been a great source of information for me).  I don't have a spot of Facebook dedicated to my blog, and frankly, I'm not sure that I want to since Facebook is pretty much the worst social media platform for quite photo sharing.

Instagram Follow on Instagram

Speaking of quite photo sharing, I also have an Instagram account though I have to admit that I don't really post in any way related to my hobbies.  My Instagram is updated more regularly than most of my other social media, but the updates generally don't involve my hobbies (with the occasional exception of some LEGO-related pictures sneaking in).  On the other hand, I do follow a TON of hobby related Instagram pages (both baseball and LEGO) so I do consider the platform to be helpful for my hobbies as a whole.

Finally, on the social media front I have SnapChat - a platform that I'm only now getting into...and one that I haven't (yet) branched out to include my hobbies.  I also should mention that I have a LinkedIn page, but does anyone actually update that thing on a regular basis?  I only have it for a "professional" social media spot, but I can't say that I use it all that often and certainly not for my hobbies.

With that run through of my social media outlets complete, I have to ask:

Do you use social media for your hobbies?  If so, which ones and for what purposes?  Feel free to leave a link to any of your accounts that you'd like me to follow!


GCA said...

I'm old school and have NONE of those. Am I missing a lot?

Sport Card Collectors said...

I have Facebook for my blog. I also have Twitter which I believe we both follow each other.

Most of my trades are through Twitter. I would say 95% and 5% goes to bloggers. Not many start one up with me.

But social media especially for my blog has been huge especially in getting my posts out there.

The biggest thing social media including blogging does is bring me closer to other Collectors and have some to interact with. Not something I have locally amd especially on my personal facebook where I know no Collectors

Chris said...

I'm with GCA - I dont do any social media. Blog only. That may be limiting my potential audience/trade partners, but I've only got so much free time. And I prefer long-form writing anyhow.

night owl said...

I do the blog and Twitter for my hobby. Twitter, although it can be very obnoxious, is invaluable for following the sport and the hobby. I get some trades through Twitter, not a ton and that's not why I'm there. Facebook is for personal/work stuff only. I don't see the point of instagram and snapchat, it's way too much to keep track of anyway.

Fuji said...

I'll share my blog posts on Twitter and FB... but that's about the extent of my social media use when it comes to hobby related stuff.

Andrew Lugar said...

I use facebook as my primary for the hobby (thanks for the Larkin facebook group shoutout BTW). I have tried to use twitter a few times for collecting, but have yet to figure out what the best way to find/trade with others on it.

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