Sunday, October 08, 2017

The Great Reorganization: Step 28: Inching Closer to Being All Organized!

Back in August of this year, I took a look at how well I had been doing on my 2017 New Year's Resolutions.  While I have actually done quite well over all, one area that I knew I needed to continue to work on this year was my Great Reorganization. 

In fact, I shared a photograph which showed how much organizing I still needed to complete at the time.  That photograph is reproduced here...
...and now, let's take a look at the current state of the table.

That may not look like a huge difference, but trust me, a LOT of work went into whittling as many piles down as I was able to do. 

Of course, being a numbers guy I kept track of my actual progress in the elimination of the stacks of cards.  At the start of 2017, I had 27 stacks to sort and put away.  By August, I had the number down to 23 stacks (I had eliminated eight piles but added four new ones).  And now?  The number of piles sits at a much more manageable 18 stacks.  Even better, there is only one year's worth of cards remaining to be sorted that is overly large and cumbersome (that being the year 2009). 

You may also see some LEGO pieces in the one corner of the table.  That's from a seller on eBay who didn't send me all the pieces of two sets I bought from him (both advertised as 100% complete) and then despite mailing a few of the pieces a couple of weeks later, still hasn't sent me all of the parts.  Needless to say, that's frustrating though there isn't really much I can do about it.

Back to the card piles:  I don't think I'll have enough time in the couple of remaining months of the year (especially with the end of semester madness that descends sometime around mid-November) to completely clear off the table.  However, I can (finally) see the light at the end of the tunnel...and hopefully this post is the ticket to convince (force?) myself to at least clear a couple more stacks of cards before the calendar flips over to the year 2018. 

My Great Reorganization process started years ago when I lived in my old house.  Things got completely messed up when I moved (cards ended up boxes all over the place and I basically had to start from scratch again).  Phase 1 was sorting all my cards by year, a task that took a long time (much longer than I was expecting).  Phase 2 is where I need to sort through each year's worth of cards and decide which sets to collect/keep and which to get rid of.  At this point in time, I'm finally nearing the end of the second phase of the Reorganization and that excites me a lot!

I hope that this isn't my last Reorganization post of 2017...but even if it is, I'm quite pleased with the amount of progress that I've made on a task that at one point in time seemed nearly impossible.


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