Monday, November 13, 2017

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: Pack 13: Upper Deck is a Cruel Mistress.

In the last pack we (finally) made a little more progress on my set by landing a sweet 3D insert of the ferocious T-Rex.  I'm now up to four cards that I needed out of the first 12 packs.  Certainly not a good ratio...but better than the three cards through 11 packs that I had to report last post.  Let's hope I get some new cards in each of the remaining packs to help the box "feel" like it was a better buy.

Pack 13:
31.  Ouranosaurus

43.  Caudipteryx

45.  Baryonyx

89.  Vulcanodon

Canvas mini:  134.  Macrauchenia

The good news is that I needed card #134...the bad news is that I need it as a regular base card and not as a canvas mini.  That's simply cruel from Upper Deck...

Total cards needed (so far) from the box:  Still only four.  Woof.


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