Tuesday, November 07, 2017

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: Pack 7: The Pack in Which We Turn the Corner (I Hope)!

The box of 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs has been fairly brutal so far for me (at least in terms of getting cards that I need for my set).  To date, I've only landed a pair of cards for my set (one base card and one 3D insert card).  I keep hoping that I'll have better luck in the next pack (but I've said that almost every single pack so far).  But hey, let's try for some better luck, alright?

Pack 7:
36.  Ornithocheirus

114.  Jaekelopterus

Sticker:  1.  Dakosaurus

Predators of the Sea:  POS-19.  Ophthalmosaurus

Alright, that's a sweet pull with the 1:40 pack Predators of the Sea card.  The cards are super thick - but they are awesome (more so than the scan might even suggest).  I now own five different Predators of the Sea cards out of the 21 cards in the set.

I'm not exactly collecting the Predators of the Sea cards so I can't count it as a card I need for my set (and I didn't need any of the other cards in the pack either) but I'm still not overly disappointed by the pack as a whole, those Predator cards really are super cool!

Cards needed from the box (so far):   Still only 2.


Fuji said...

Are the Predators of the Sea cards made using different layers of acetate like the shadow box technology?

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