Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2017 Topps Gallery: Continuing the Blaster Rip with a Masterpieces Card

Let's take a look at pack 3 (out of 7 regular packs) in the 2017 Topps Gallery blaster.  Through the first two packs, we've found one insert and seven regular base cards.  What will this pack bring us?

Pack 3:

7.  Joey Gallo

Gallo's 50th MLB hit was his 20th home run.  That seems kind of impressive.

10.  Jose Altuve

My current favorite (non-Reds) player in MLB.  Altuve has been my fantasy team keeper for the last three years and he hasn't disappointed me at all.  He was also a blast to watch (along with the rest of the Astros) as my "adopted team" this year out of spring training.  To have them win the World Series was almost as good as having my Reds win (ok, that last bit is a lie but it is what I tell myself to make myself feel better).

79.  Jake Thompson

Uhm...back of the card says he had eight shutout innings against Pawtucket in 2017.  Seriously, that was his only listed highlight from 2017.  Eight shutout innings in the minors.  Why does this guy get a card again the 200 card set that includes retired players?!

Masterpieces:  MP-29.  Eric Hosmer

The Masterpieces insert cards are seeded 1:7 packs or exactly one per blaster (so this should be it for me).  There are 30 cards in the Masterpieces set total (but only one Red:  Joey Votto).  Being honest, Hosmer is probably one of the worst names in the entire insert set but what do you do?  That's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Well, that pack was a winner for me in that I landed Jose Altuve's base card...but the promised one-per-blaster insert ended up being a dud (so many better players for me to have pulled).  I can't call the pack a true disappointment, but when you pay $20 for 32 total cards, you do hope to have a little bit better luck than I had here.


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