Monday, November 27, 2017

More 2017 Topps Gallery!

Yesterday, I showed off the first pack out of my blaster of the Wal*Mart exclusive 2017 Topps Gallery set.  Each blaster contains 7 packs (plus 1 bonus pack) for a total of 32 cards.  I will admit, I bought the blaster thinking it promised 1 autograph per box (which it does not)...and that was the reason I could justify spending $20 on a mere 32 cards.

Putting aside my stupidity, I will say at least the cards in the first pack seemed pretty nice.  The fronts are well done (and are, in fact, sketches which is nice and fitting with the Gallery brand).  Let's see how the second pack out of the blaster treats us!

Pack 2:
9.  Amir Garrett

Yay, my first Reds' card from the blaster!  Garrett started the year strong for the Reds but was eventually sent back to the minors due to his ineffectiveness (as evidenced by a 1.46 ERA in April, a 2.02 in May, a 1.84 in June, and then 3.97, 3.33, and 5.06 in the months July, August, and September).  Ouch!

130.  Nolan Arenado

Arenado is a nice score for me because he played a big role in my fantasy baseball team's rise to the playoffs (which, unfortunately, I ended up losing).  I had to swing a pretty big trade to acquire Nolan, but luckily he didn't let me down (I gave up Goldschmidt among other players though so it wasn't like it was a perfect steal of a deal for me).

142.  Michael Fulmer

Fulmer seems to be one of those guys who I pull a lot in recent card packs...and yet, I know nothing about him.  His card back says he had a quality start in each of his first 10 outings in 2017 so that's something.  Since I have nothing much to add about Fulmer, this is a perfect opportunity to show off what the backside of a regular base card looks like.

146.  Garrit Cole

That fantasy baseball trade I talked about above?  Coincidentally Cole was another player I acquired in that deal (although unfortunately for me, Cole didn't completely right my pitching staff's ship).  Still, a nice enough card with a well done sketch.

Artist profile:  Dan Bergren

I won't lie.  When I felt this pack, it felt thick and I thought I might have gotten something cool.  Nope, not really.  Instead, I get this "ad" card for the artist Dan Bergren (who apparently was the artist for the short print cards are seeded 1:20 packs so I'll probably never actually see his work).  All of the regular base cards appear to be done by Mayumi Seto.  I actually looked back into pack 1, it turns out that Dan did the sketch of the Ernie Banks insert card, so I guess I have seen his work.

Two packs down, five more regular packs plus the Artist's Proof parallel pack remain.  I'm curious as to what you think of the Topps Gallery set.  I'll have more of my opinion on the set as I roll through the remaining packs in the blaster.


Hackenbush said...

The artwork seems to be better overall quality then some of the previous "art" sets. The Banks is very well done.

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