Friday, December 01, 2017

2017 Gallery: I Seem to Pull Clayton Kershaw Cards More than Any Other Star Player

Wow, hard to believe that we made it to December already!  I hope you all have your holiday shopping done (or at least started).  For me, I actually have more of my shopping done than I think I ever have by December 1.  More importantly for many of you, I've also managed to ship off quite a few of my Season of Giving packages.  Long story short, I'm proud of what I've managed to do over the past couple of weeks. 

One thing that maybe I shouldn't be proud of over the past week was my purchase of a blaster of 2017 Topps Gallery.  Oh sure, the set seems nice enough but $20 for only 32 cards (really only 28 from the main set, the final four are pointless parallels - see yesterday's post).  Still, I've made it this far through the blaster, might as well not quit now!

Pack 5:
1.  Mike Trout

For whatever reason, I generally have a difficult time pulling card #1 in a set.  Thus, you can imagine my surprise when I flipped over the Trout card and realized that I got card #1 in the first blaster purchase that I made!

21.  Hunter Pence

'Ol crazy eyes as my wife calls him.  That's pretty much all I can think of now when I see Pence.

39.  Adrian Beltre

According to the card back, Beltre homered in his 40th ballpark back in 2014.  That's a fun little tidbit (and something that I really do like about the card backs in this year's Gallery set).

Gallery Heritage insert:  34.  Clayton Kershaw

Whaddya know, a Clayton Kershaw shows up.  Seriously, I seem to get more Kershaw cards than pretty much any other star player (something that I know Night Owl appreciates since I believe I sent him a Kershaw auto from Ginter two or three years in a row).  Anyhow, this is part of the 40 card Heritage insert set (seeded 1:11 packs).  As usual with most things related to this year's Gallery set, good luck completing that set!  :(

That does it for the first five packs.  I will say that I'm enjoying the blaster - but I think the cost feels like it should be only $10 rather than the $20 that I actually had to spend. 


Ryan H said...

Should be a rule or something that Topps should have to include at least 6 cards per pack for products released to retail outlets. It would make collectors happy and reduce the amount of card wrappers headed to the landfill. But knowing them they'd probably only have 4 packs per box....

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