Wednesday, December 06, 2017

2017 Topps Gallery: Another Blaster...Mistake or Worth It? Let's Find Out!

I had pretty good luck with my first blaster of 2017 Topps Gallery - in that one, I pulled a rare blue parallel autograph that sold on eBay for about the cost of two blasters.  Of course, a smart person would have stopped there and pocketed the profit.  Not me though, no one accuses me of being smart.

No, I went out and bought another blaster.

Unfortunately, the second blaster did not yield another autograph to keep the money train rolling.  It did, however, have a few nice cards in it.  Rather than do a single pack per day like last time around, since Gallery is "old news" for many people, I'm going to do half the blaster now and the other half in a future post.

I'll do the first four packs now and save the final three packs (plus the "bonus parallel pack" for another time).

Packs 1 - 4:

The first four packs yielded 12 different base cards including this Aaron Judge rookie card.  Unfortunately, three of the 12 cards were duplicates from the first blaster...but I figure those will make decent trade bait so no real worries yet.

I'm glad to have the Judge card in hand from a blaster because getting one via trade would probably prove to be difficult (and you know I have no interest in actually buying a Judge card)!  It's a pretty nice sketch, I will say that for the card.

I also received my first short print (seeded a crazy 1:20 packs). 

That's Robinson Cano from the Artisans subset of the base set (card #192).  The final 50 cards in the set are all short prints...and you better believe that while I am definitely tempted to try and complete the regular base set, I won't be chasing the short prints.  This card may end up on eBay to help defray some of my expenses.

The other inserts included a Hall of Fame insert (1:4 packs) of Cal Ripken Jr. and a Heritage insert (1:11 packs) of Freddie Freeman. 

The Ripken is probably a keeper for my collection but I have no allegiance to (or interest in) the Freeman card.

Finally, the best insert (for my money) in the blaster - an actual Red!

That's Joey Votto as part of the Masterpiece insert set (1:7 packs).  Obviously that one is a keeper for me...and with it, I would consider the first half of the blaster a resounding success. 

How will I fare in the second half?  We'll find out soon enough!


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I love the old school Bowman inserts.

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