Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 569: 1998 Bowman - #63

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Bowman
Card number:  63

It's awfully hard for me to get excited about most Bowman cards.  As a kid, I remember the drab Bowman cards from around 1989/1990.  As an adult, I think of Bowman as a brand full of players I've never heard inside a set that is maddingly designed.  Put more simply, there isn't any era of the Bowman brand that I have fond memories of...and thus, I generally ignore the brand (except for Barry Larkin cards of course).

And yes, it's that insistence on trying to "collect 'em all" that I am the proud (?) owner of this 1998 Bowman card.  The front of the card features a design full of boxes and a barely there foil name plate (and an even tougher-to-see itty bitty team logo).  The back of the card features a giant oval with the world's most boring photo of Larkin and statistics broken down in a mostly meaningless way (no stats against the Expos or why show them)?  Yeah, it's safe to say this isn't a good design - but at least it's one less Bowman card that I need to try and track down from here on out.  That's about all good I can say about it!


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