Thursday, December 21, 2017

Delivery Time! Larkin Cards from Joe F.!

Back around my birthday of last month, blog reader Joe F. sent me a wonderful package of Barry Larkin cards.  Amazingly, all 13 of the Larkins that Joe sent me were new to my collection - that's impressive for sure (and awesome for me as I'm always happy to acquire new Larkin cards)!

I'll show off each and every Larkin one-by-one as part of my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection, but for the purposes of today's post here's a quick look at the biggest batch of them...

plus two more from the same set that didn't fit on my scanner's bed.

That's the 1990 Star set.  Earlier this year, I had picked up the Gold set but this version had eluded me until Joe sent it my way!

As if that wasn't enough, Joe also sent a couple of other "odd ball" Larkins my way. 

Again, I'll have plenty more on both of those cards in my ongoing Larkin Collection series.

Thanks a million for the great Larkins Joe!  This made for a fun birthday surprise for sure...and it felt awesome to add in a couple more 9-pocket pages full of Larkin cards into my Barry Larkin Collection binder!


Joe Frecker said...

Glad you like them, Chris. I will enjoy reading your write ups. Good to know you have the gold version. Keep an eye out for the Star Nova set, which has a yellow and red border. Have a great 2018.

Nachos Grande said...

Thanks Joe! I will have to look out for the Star Nova set. Amazing how many different Larkin cards were produced (and how many I'm still missing)!

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