Saturday, January 06, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Pack 2: What the Hell(ing) is This?

Today is my youngest brother's birthday.  In honor of him, why don't I open a pack of cards for myself from my Christmas box?

Pack 2:
22.  Scott Brosius
53.  Rick Helling

I needed this one!
116.  David Nilsson
160.  Mike Curuso
270.  Chris Carpenter
281.  Mike Piazza
339.  David Justice
353.  Cal Ripken, Jr.
391.  Alex Rodriguez
401.  Florida Marlins

Two packs into the box and I've found two cards I needed for my set.  At this rate, I'll get 36 new cards when all is said and done...which is good, but not great since I'm missing 55 base cards from the set in total (prior to this box rip).  Still, I won't complain about any pack that yields at least one card I need - plus many of the duplicates in this pack are of players that people collect (Ripken, Piazza, etc.) so all's good on this day, my brother's birthday.


Cincinnati Burger Guys said...

Now those are great names from the past!

(Frank, my WordPress URL didn't work for whatever reason.)

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