Sunday, January 07, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Pack 3: I Love Clear Inserts

Hard to believe that we are one week into the new year already.  Only 51 more weeks to go until 2019!

Pack 3:
47.  LaTroy Hawkins
54.  Shannon Stewart
125.  Curt Schilling
170.  Jay Buhner
246.  Masato Yoshii

272.  Wilton Veras & Tomokazu Ohka
284.  Joe Randa
356.  Terry Adams
366.  Edgar Renteria

Halls Well:  1.  Mark McGwire

For the first time in the box, I managed to land multiple cards that I needed for my base set.  In this case, I got two new cards (Yoshii and Renteria) that I was missing up until now.  I also really like the Halls Well insert set - too bad that they are seeded a tough 1:30 packs!


Fuji said...

Agree. Acetate rules.

Brett Alan said...

That is a nice card...but I confess I have no idea what "Halls Well" is supposed to mean. I guess it's kind of a pun on "all's well that ends well", but that's all I got.

JayP said...

Sick acetate insert!!

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