Sunday, January 14, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Packs 11 & 12: Needed Inserts Galore!

I'm nearing the one-third mark through my box of 2000 Fleer Tradition.  Through the first 10 packs (out of a total of 36 packs), I've landed ten new base cards (or one per pack on average).  I still need quite a few more cards though, so let's hope that I can increase my needed-cards-per-pack average soon.

Pack 11:
35.  Pedro Astacio
79.  Dustin Hermanson
167.  Dan Perkins  (a duplicate within this box)
252.  Randy Wolf & Anthony Shumaker
271.  Atlanta Braves
282.  Mike Lowell
286.  Jason Varitek
352.  Barry Larkin
444.  NL Division Series
Who to Watch:  4.  Ben Petrick

Well, I didn't need any of the base cards (including the Larkin) but I did need the Who to Watch insert so I guess I'll still call this pack a win.

While we are here, let's rip another and finish off the first third of the box.

Pack 12:
6.  NL Batting Average Leaders
45.  Jeff Bagwell
88.  Jose Cruz, Jr.  (a duplicate within this box)
126.  Brian Jordan
164.  Chipper Jones
177.  Marquis Grissom  (a duplicate within this box)
251.  Sterling Hitchcock
375.  Sandy Alomar, Jr.
428.  Livan Hernandez
Dividends:  7.  Jeff Bagwell

Another pack, another single card I needed (which also happened to be an insert). 

Well, I didn't get any closer to my base set but I did land two more inserts that I needed so I guess I'll take it.  That gives me a total of 12 new cards so far in the box.  Not great, but certainly not as bad as it could be at this juncture in time!


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