Monday, January 15, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Packs 13 & 14: Back to Work Edition

Today marks my first day back at work for the new college semester.  This year, my college went back a week later than usual which gave me a full month off.  While I definitely enjoyed the time off, the bitter cold over most of the break severely restricted what I actually felt like doing during that time!  That said, ready or not, classes are back in session and therefore, I'm back at work!

There aren't many things good about the first day back to work after a long break, especially when that first day occurs on a Monday.  However, ripping a couple of packs of baseball cards always helps, right?!

Pack 13:
19  Orber Moreno

58.  Mike Cameron
65.  Doug Glanville
73.  Mike Stanley
245.  Kenny Lofton
285.  Jeff Shaw
313.  John Franco
389.  Rob Ryan & Nick Bierbrodt
423.  Scott Rolen
Who to Watch:  5.  Chad Hermansen

Well, I only needed the Orber card out of that pack.  More impressively, this is the first time I've ever heard of the name "Orber" for anything or anyone. 

Pack 14:
34.  Eddie Taubensee
99.  Luis Gonzalez
152.  Freddy Garcia
250.  Shawn Green
314.  Jason Schmidt
343.  Vladimir Guerrero
400.  Mark McGwire
419.  Al Leiter
424.  Jason Kendall
Dividends:  12.  Mike Piazza

I only needed the Piazza insert in this pack, but at least I got one card I needed here.  Thanks to the Orber from pack 13 and the Piazza from this pack, I'm not up to a whopping 14 cards that I've gained for my exactly 14 packs.  While I appreciate getting (on average) a new card each pack, that rate alone won't be quite enough to finish off the base set and the insert sets that I'm working on.  I need to pick up the pace just a bit!


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