Monday, January 22, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Packs 21 & 22: Cal Ripken Collection Shows Up

Another Monday begins...but at least I still have some unopened packs to help me get through the day.

Pack 21:
72.  Brady Anderson
75.  Carlos Febles
89.  Carlos Delgado

109.  Steve Finley
163.  Darryl Kile
168.  Andy Pettitte

177.  Marquis Grissom
212.  Warren Morris
357.  Pittsburgh Pirates
Who to Watch:  8.  Russell Branyan

This was an awesome pack in that I got three new cards for my set (I also needed the Febles prior to the box break beginning but that's now a double from within the box). 

That brings my total number of cards needed up to 25 through 21 packs.  Let's rip one more and hope for more good news!

Pack 22:
29.  Arizona Diamondbacks
52.  Wayne Gomes

57.  Greg Maddux
154.  Ivan Rodriguez
157.  Andy Benes
221.  Jason Giambi
257.  Darin Erstad
261.  Carlos Beltran
408.  Todd Hundley
Cal Ripken Collection:  1963 Fleer design

I only needed the Gomes, but I had to scan the Ripken because it is pretty neat.  I'm not trying to complete the full Ripken insert set (they are seeded a rather tough 1:30 packs).  That said, the card is probably a keeper on its own.

Total cards needed so far:  26.  Not bad through 22 packs.


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