Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 580: 1990 Star - #10

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  Star
Card number:  10

The tenth card in the eleven card 1990 Star Barry Larkin set features a cameo of an Atlanta Braves' player on the front and a fairly in depth personal write-up on the backside.  While not my favorite card in the set (who wants Braves on their Larkin cards anyhow?), I do like the written description on the back especially the shout out to Barry's brothers.  Of course, the neatest thing about Barry's personal data is that he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and that he spent his entire career with the Cincinnati Reds.  There really is no better way to endear yourself to one's hometown than to do something like that (ok, the one World Series ring didn't hurt either)!


Joe Frecker said...

In all the Atlanta distraction, did you notice that Barry is sporting the number 15 rather than his usual #11? That means this picture was likely taken during his September call-up to the big leagues in 1986.

Nachos Grande said...

Ack, how did I miss that?! Weird too, because I was just reading about when Larkin didn't wear the number 11. Thanks for pointing that out, extra points for Star for choosing that photo since I think that might be the only one I own of Larkin sporting #15 (though I guess I should double check that)!

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