Sunday, January 21, 2018

Delivery Time! Cards from Jimmy!

Jimmy, of the defunct (?) blog S.Mack Talk, was one of the recipients of my Season of Giving that I held over the holiday break.  While I didn't expect or require anything in return for the cards I sent out, many people like Jimmy did in fact send something back my way.  In Jimmy's case, it was a great PWE full of cards that I needed for my 2015 Topps Stadium Club set - a set that I should be able to complete thanks to another trade that is due to arrive any day now!

Jimmy sent me 9 cards that I needed for my set - but a couple of them are true highlights that are worth scanning for the blog (okay, okay, any card I need for my set is a highlight, but you know what I mean)...

That Jimmy Rollins is clearly modeled on some famous photograph of another Dodger (maybe Jackie?) that I can sort of picture in my head...but not quite recall.  Anyhow, it's pretty cool - and it fits in well with the feel of the Stadium Club set.

The other card that I liked a lot also happened to be a Dodger (I feel gross saying that)...

That's Zack Greinke presumably asking an umpire if he actually gets to walk to first.  Zack looks completely confused here - and while confusion happens on the baseball field all the time, it's not all that often that the confusion is documented on a baseball card for all of eternity.

Thanks for the PWE Jimmy!  And, as always, should anyone else have some cards that I need - I'd love to work out a trade.  Be sure to check out my want list!


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