Sunday, February 18, 2018

Delivery Time: Iron Lion Opens for Business

Over the past couple of weeks, the Facebook group The Iron Lion has been giving away a bunch of cards as a lead up to their card shop opening up (which happened earlier this week).  I managed to get in a couple of the free giveaways...and I paid some of my hard earned dollars for a baseball mixer (more on that in a future post).  Today though, we focus strictly on some cards that I won for free.  As a baseball collector, I can't say I have much personal interest in most of these...but still, free cards are always cool and I've now met some great people through the Iron Lion's Facebook page.  As for the cards themselves, most of what you see below I've listed on eBay to help me recoup some of my costs from cards this year already.

I truly don't know much at all about football cards...but I do know that this little Panini Playbook booklet card is kind of neat.

The Raiders, however, can go suck it.

The lot that I won, if you couldn't tell already, was the serially numbered cards from a multi box break.  I ended up with a few players that I actually have heard of...including a pretty darn nice Barry Sanders card out of 349.

Again, I'm guessing here but it appears that the above inserts have a bunch of different levels.  The Sanders is out of 349 while the Rawls and Freeman are out of only 99 (Charles is out of 299).

Two other cards in the lot caught my eye - one of which was this pretty cool Streaking Success card of Drew Brees (out of 299).

Brees has always seemed like a stand-up guy...but truth be told, most of my basis for that tidbit is his Allen & Ginter card where he is holding his kid after winning the Superbowl.  Still, a nice card.

All that said, the real highlight for me was an extra "throw-in" from the fine folks at Iron Lion.

That's a Jose Altuve Bowman's best base card.  Nothing fancy...but I'm rapidly becoming a Jose Altuve collector and this was a card that I needed (and I really like the look of it too)!

Thanks to everyone over at the Iron Lion.  I know I'm going to keep checking in to see what they are up to with their box breaks.  I've done one break with them already...and I'll probably get in some more in the future.


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