Saturday, March 10, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 590: 1993 Topps - #110 - Marlins Inaugural Edition parallel

Barry Larkin
Year:  1993
Brand:  Topps
Parallel set: Marlins Inaugural Edition
Card number:  110

If you are a player collector for a player who appeared in the 1993 Topps set, you better really like '93 Topps!  This is my fourth version of this card that I own - I've already shown off the regular base card, the Topps gold parallel, and the Rockies' parallel.  Now, we get to the Marlins parallel...a card that I bought off of eBay recently mostly so that I could close the book on this particular card (I'm fairly certain there are no other parallels of this card out there). 

In case you are wondering about what this card is all about, the idea that Topps had was to create some parallel sets for the two brand new MLB teams in 1993 (Rockies and Marlins).  According to what I could find, Topps produced 5000 sets of the Rockies team and 4000 sets of the Marlins (making this card the rarest of the four versions I believe). 


Adam Kaningher said...

You do have the micro version right?

Nachos Grande said...

Ack, no I don't!

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