Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Blog Bat Around: What I Collect

Night Owl decided to host the next Blog Bat Around with the topic being "What Do You Collect?" 

I think this is a great topic and I'm definitely looking forward to Night Owl's cumulative post where he culls together everyone's entries.  I think it will make searching out potential trade partners much easier if nothing else!

Enough jibber jabber though, let's get to it.  Here's what I collect (in order):

1.  Baseball Card Sets
I have an extensive want list of sets that I am currently working on (found here).  My goal for the current calendar year is to eliminate more sets on my want list than sets that I add onto the want list.  As it stands currently, I'm sitting 3-1 in favor of sets completed versus sets added so that's good news!

2.  Barry Larkin Cards
I am actively trying to collect as many different Barry Larkin cards as I can.  I am also slowly writing a post about each and every different Larkin card in my collection (here's that series of posts).

3.  LEGO
Yes, I include LEGO as something I collect.  I have my own LEGO train table in my "man cave" which I love to fool around with when I have the chance.  I also collect minifigures from the blind packs and older sets from my childhood (late 80s, early 90s stuff).  You can find a lot of my LEGO content on my LEGO-centric blog.  I'm also more than happy to trade baseball cards away in exchange for LEGO related goodies, it's something that I've done a few times already and hope to continue to do so as I aim to clear out more of my excess baseball card inventory!

4.  Reds cards
I'm actually not a team collector much at all.  In fact, I recently downsized my "random Reds" pile substantially, basically putting aside cards of certain players plus a large pile for my eventual Reds Frankenset that I hope to start someday.  I have more or less completely stopped trading for assorted Reds cards, instead I much prefer to focus on collections #1, 2, and 3 from above.

Those are my main hobby collections, but I also collect cookbooks, woodworking tools (and books), and board/card games as well as video games (PS4 & Nintendo Switch currently).  I'm always up for swaps that include things from those collections as well!


Fuji said...

I really got into Legos the past two years (mainly Star Wars), but was forced to tone it down because I'm running out of space. It's a really cool hobby though.

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