Sunday, March 25, 2018

Delivery Time! High End Relics from The Iron Lion

A couple of days ago, I showed off some of the cards I received from a group break hosted by The Iron Lion card shop.  I still have one more batch of cards from another group break from the same shop to show off...but those will have to wait for another day.  Today, we get to take a peak at an envelope of high end relics that they sent my way.

I ended up with the two relics as a bit of an "oops" by the shop.  I had won one of their contests for some sort of relic or auto (I no longer remember what I actually won, I think it was football).  Long story short, they accidentally mailed the card to someone else and so they contacted me to see what they could do (which was extremely generous since the first card was a free giveaway anyhow).  After telling them I prefer the Reds it only took a couple of days for the following to show up on my door stop.

The first of the two relics is a quad relic of Jay Bruce numbered out of 75  If I had more money than I knew what to do with, I still am not sure that I'd actually bust sets like Topps Museum Collection but I won't lie, it's cool to get a nice relic from the set for free (even if the capless look does scream Panini).

The other free relic sent my way was from another set that I can't afford:  Topps Tribute.

This time, it's a nice Billy Hamilton numbered out of only 50.  I assume that this is a purple parallel but I'll be honest in that I don't know a darn thing about the set as a whole (I'm simply happy to have this card in my collection).

That does it for the freebies this time around.  As I see it, the two freebies definitely take away some of the sting of the two group breaks that I joined (with little to nothing to show for my personal collections)!


Chris said...

Nice freebies, especially the Hamilton. It sounds like Iron Lion has some great customer service, which is always nice to hear.

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