Sunday, March 18, 2018

Delivery Time! Results of a Random Two Team Group Break from The Iron Lion

I've mentioned a new hobby store (via Facebook) a couple of times on my blog now - it's called The Iron Lion and they do some pretty neat stuff including a bunch of group breaks via Facebook.  Now, most of their breaks seem to gravitate towards the higher end stuff (better profit margins I suppose) but that type thing doesn't suit my collecting style or budget so I sit those out.  Once in a while, however, they post a "cheap" baseball break and I've been fortunate enough to get in on a couple of those.

Today's mail day is the results of one of those breaks.  The way the break worked was that they sold 15 slots and then they assigned all 30 teams randomly.  At first, I thought that was kind of cool - but I quickly learned that no one wanted to trade teams so I had no shot at picking up the Reds (the only team I was truly interested in).  Even worse, I did two of these breaks and both times I got the Twins as one of my teams...and virtually no one out there collects Twins cards.

So yeah, in concept it's kind of a cool break idea but the two times I joined it definitely didn't work out for me.  In this particular break, I ended up with both the Twins and the Orioles...neither of which have a big following on the blog (at least not on my blog) so these cards don't have much use for me in terms of my own collection or as trade bait.  Still, should you see something that catches your eye let me know!

The break was for a box of Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Bowman's Best, and Panini Chronicles.  For the Bowman's Best (a set that I found out that I liked quite a bit), the Orioles got completely skunked but I did land a pair of Twins.

For the Chronicles, the Orioles also got completely skunked but I did pick up a pair of Twins including one of the few keepers (for me) in the break - a Bartolo Colon card that may make its way into my Frankenset when/if I ever get around to completing that task.  The Sano is a green parallel numbered out of 199 should someone be interested in that.

The regular Bowman sucked, as regular Bowman pretty much always does...I mean, the card design isn't the worst but I didn't get anything that interested me out of that box (but at least the Orioles were represented finally).

That leaves us with the final box - Bowman Chrome.  The Chrome box was the best of the four for me, though that isn't saying a whole lot.  I did end up with a refractor of Ryan Mountcastle plus two colored parallels.

The blue Torres is not numbered but the green Palka is out of 99 making that the highlight of the break for me.

In the end, the cost definitely didn't justify what I got.  I know some of that is the nature of a group break but I think when both teams are random it makes it even worse, especially if it isn't a set (or sets) that I plan to collect.  I don't think I'll be jumping in any more random team breaks...let me claim my Reds outright and then give me a second team at random, that's a break style I can get behind (and, not so coincidentally, that's how I run the vast majority of my group breaks that I host)!

I have another Iron Lion group break package to show off at some point soon - and at least that one has a hit in it...even if it is a Twin.


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