Do You Collect Error Cards of Your Favorite Player?

Not all that long ago, I won an eBay auction for three 1987 Topps error cards that featured Barry Larkin.  Two of the error cards were the same - and the somewhat commonly known version where Jose Canseco is on the front of the card but the back of the card features (mostly) Barry Larkin's statistics. 

That particular card had been sitting on my Barry Larkin checklist for the longest time...and since the price was right on the eBay auction, I pulled the proverbial trigger and nabbed the error card for myself. 

The third card in the lot was also an error card - but this one is the reverse of the other two.  That is, the front of the card features Barry Larkin while the backside has (mostly) Jose Canseco's statistics. 

I had actually never heard of nor seen this particular Larkin error card before...and that makes me wonder how many other Larkin error cards are out there - and perhaps more importantly, whether I should count those as separate entries in my Barry Larkin Collection?

Truth be told, the only reason I bought that eBay auction was for the second error card...any time I have a chance to nab a Larkin card that isn't even on my current Barry Larkin checklist, I have to take the opportunity!  For me, I am counting both of these error cards as different entries in my Barry Larkin Collection.  In fact, it probably won't be too much longer before you see both make an appearance in my long running blog series. 

For now though, I'd love your thoughts on collecting error cards.  Do you actively seek them out?  Do you consider them to be part of a player collection?  Do you consider a player collection complete without the error cards?  Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. I do seek out error cards, I consider them a part of the Angels team set, or part of the Master sets I've collected. I've recently been going through my checklist collection/dupes box and pulling out all the errors in those to include with the checklist sets. I'm fascinated with genuine error cards, not the fake crap Topps puts out now.

  2. I'm not sure there's any error cards of Bill Freehan from Topps, 1963-77...however ,if there were, I'd certainly be interested.

  3. The only Billy Pierce 'error' that I am aware of is more in the variation category...his 1958 card has the team name spelled out in white letters (common) or yellow (rare). I tracked one down a few years ago and added it to my Pierce PC because I tend to be a 'completist' but to be honest if you said you had a complete run of Pierce cards and didn't have the yellow lettered one I wouldn't argue with you.

    As TAIO mentioned above the phony errors and variations Topps prints now are garbage.

  4. I collect printing errors. I have a whole section on my website that has scans of them broken down by error type. I need to type up some posts about them for Cardboard History too.

  5. Never seen these before. Super cool. I don't actively seek them out, but I'd definitely add them to my collection if I stumbled across them for the right price.

  6. Printing errors don't officially "count", but I have a couple blank backs, etc. in my PCs. Regular variations like '81 Donruss with different spellings, text, etc. absolutely do. It's tough when I collect the set AND the player, because then you need a pair of both variations.


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