Friday, March 23, 2018

Flashback Friday! Magic: The Gathering Cards

I've been dabbling with Listia once again after about two or three years of inactivity on the site.  I managed to sell a few baseball cards - and prior to the site switching over to a cryptocurrency, I was able to use some of my accumulated credits to land a few cards.

Not baseball cards, I spent my credits on a few random Magic: The Gathering cards.  I'm not exactly sure why I chose to do that, but what's done is done I guess.  I ended up winning five different auctions from three sellers on the site so let's see what each PWE holds.

In the first envelope, I bid on and won the Masked Admirers card.  The other two cards were freebies from the seller (always appreciated especially since I don't own cards from most of the modern sets due to me no longer playing the game really).

Back in the day though, I had a pair of elf days built.  When I saw that Masked Admirers card, I figured it might fit into one of those old decks if/when I ever pull out my cards to make new decks (I play Magic with my youngest brother around Christmas each year when we are both home, that's it for the game for me).

In the second envelope, I won two cards from the same seller. 

The Rampaging Ferocidon caught my eye only because it was a dinosaur.  I later learned that there is a "block" of dinosaur related cards but I guess I'll content myself with owning the Ferocidon.  On the flip side, the Aegis Angel card caught my eye as a kind of cool card, even if it is most likely a "casual only card."  I'm pretty sure that as someone who only plays once a year I qualify as casual anyhow!

That seller also included a pair of extra cards including another dinosaur (which I was happy to get - and he isn't even all that bad of a card).  The other card is....uhm....weird?  I don't pretend to understand what's going on there.

The final envelope also held the contents of a pair of auction wins.

The Deeproot Champion card is a Merfolk (which is weird to me since I always thought of Merfolk as a blue creature type).  Still, it went cheap enough on Listia that I was able to nab it.  The real prize from this seller though is the Vanquisher's Banner card.  As a person who likes to make creature specific decks, this card could slot into any of them since it's an artifact.  The card drawing ability at the bottom of the card means that if I can get this in play, I'll probably win based on card advantage alone. 

Good stuff all around...and like the other two sellers, this seller also included a pair of extra cards (though this time they weren't nearly as interesting to me though I guess both might be playable in certain situations).

That does it for this Flashback Friday...nothing like some pure nerdiness to get the weekend started, am I right?!


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