Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Two Hobby Boxes of 2018 Panini Donruss (Part 2)

Yesterday, I showed off a ton of inserts and parallels out of the two boxes of 2018 Panini Donruss that I opened recently.  Today, I'm back to show off the remaining parallels as well as the hits out of the two boxes.

Let's start with the remaining parallels - beginning with the stat line parallels. 

As you can probably see, my Dodger run continued with a Seager out of 295.  The others are Wainwright (#/329), Benintendi (#/353), Morrison (#/122), and Mike Trout (#/253).  The Trout is his variation card but again, those aren't actually any more rare than his "regular" base card so I would think the stat line card is no more rare either (unless they used a different stat for his base card I guess).

And finally (in terms of parallels), we get to the teal parallels that are all numbered out of only 199.

The Nolan Ryan is nice (it's a nickname variation) but otherwise I think I did better with the stat line parallels in terms of players pulled.  On the bright side, no Dodgers in this batch.

Now on to the hits.  Each box promises three hits (some combination of relics and autographs).  I ended up with exactly the six expected hits (though I have seen a number of boxes of 2018 Donruss that had four hits, I didn't get lucky in that sense).  In the end, I landed three autographs and three relics.  Since the autographs are usually the more exciting pulls, let's start with them*....

*foreshadowing that the autos, in fact, were not the more exciting hits this time around

First up, a base Signature Series autograph of Greg Allen.

The base autographs are not numbered (and all the autographs that I pulled at least were sticker autos which was too bad). 

Next, a blue parallel Signature Series of Brandon Woodruff (#/99).

I had heard of Greg Allen at least but Woodruff is an unknown to me.  Based on completed eBay auctions for Mr. Woodruff, he seems to be an unknown to most people.

And finally, the third autograph:  a red auto #/25 of Anthony Banda.

At least the red autos look nice (and are quite rare).  Unfortunately, I didn't really end up with any particularly good autographs from what I can tell, even if two of the three were numbered parallels.

Last but not least, we get to the three relics. 

First up, a Promising Pros relic of Tyler Duffy #/99. 

I believe this is a gold parallel since it is numbered out of 99, but otherwise that's a pretty dull card.  And seriously, what's with my run of Twins cards lately?  No one likes the Twins. 

My second relic was also (apparently) a gold parallel Promising Pros relic out of 99, but at least this one is interesting:

Yep, I got myself an Ohtani relic!  I have to admit that was pretty cool even if Ohtani hasn't exactly excelled thus far in spring training.

And finally, last but not least, we have to have one more Dodger card now don't we?!

That's a Diamond Collection relic of Corey Seager.  While it isn't numbered, I do appreciate that it's not just a white bit of cloth (though let's be honest, a gray bit of cloth isn't much of an upgrade).

That does it for my two boxes of 2018 Panini Donruss.

Overall, I would definitely say that the boxes are fun to rip.  Almost every pack has a hit or numbered card in it and there is definitely a chance of some pretty cool stuff.  While I found my hits to be lacking (other than the Ohtani I guess), there are some nice hits out there...I just didn't get them.  On the flip side, I was disappointed by the amount of base card duplicates I got - in fact, between my two boxes I almost ended up with exactly the same base cards (and therefore I'm missing a whole lot of cards to complete my set).  I won't be buying any more boxes of Donruss for myself, but I think I'd recommend it to someone looking for an interesting product to open.  The biggest regret I have is that my two boxes didn't end up in the hands of a Dodgers' fan...man, can you imagine the excitement that person could have had?!


Base Card Hero said...

"No one likes the Twins."

I like the Twins!

Donruss can be rough. I just wish the teams logos were present, because you get a ton in each box of Donruss. It was the same results for last year's release too.

Sport Card Collectors said...

Not a bad break. I like donruss

The Lost Collector said...

Nice pull with the Ohtani!

cynicalbuddha said...

Hey Chris I'd be interested in the Woodruff auto if you want to trade? I'm going to be out of town on vacation for a couple weeks but could work something out when I get back.

Collecting Cutch said...

I'm interested in the Cutch teal if you need a good home for it.

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