Saturday, April 14, 2018

2018 Donruss: Retail Comparison ($10 Hanger Box)

This year, I decided to go all in on the 2018 Panini Donruss set.  Truth be told, I can't tell you exactly why I decided to do so (it probably didn't hurt that Barry Larkin is featured on two different base cards), but that's what I did.

I already bought (and showed off the contents of) two hobby boxes of the product.  Since I was still quite a ways short from the full set, I went ahead and bought a pair of retail boxes as well.  The first box was a small box containing 60 cards for $9.99.  The second box was a typical $19.99 blaster which only had 56 cards in it. 

Yeah, that seemed like fuzzy math to me as well so I had to know what the deal was!  Luckily for you, I spent $30 so you don't have to...  Here's the breakdown of the $10 box and I'll have the blaster contents in the next post.

Retail $9.99 box:


I ended up with 48 of the regular base cards plus 7 variation base cards.  There were no duplicates (which is expected but should still be mentioned).  I ended up with 16 new cards for my base set which wasn't terrible (though I was hoping to do a bit better than that since I am still missing so many cards)!


The final five cards of the box were special exclusive holo green parallels.

I did alright with the "names" of my parallels - though the Twins curse strikes again! 


The 60 cards in the box all came packaged in a single clear cellophane block of cards.  This leads me to believe that you aren't likely to get anything overly interesting in the box - you'll notice that other than the five promised parallels, there wasn't a single insert or numbered card in the box.  The $9.99 box is certainly helpful for base set collectors since you really aren't paying for anything other than base cards...none of that Topps' business with an insert or more in every pack.  On the other hand, I can't say that these are particularly exciting to open since you only get one "brick" of cards with little to no chance of something out of the ordinary (it should also be noted that Panini does not publish pack odds which is infuriating to me)!


Collecting Cutch said...

I know a good home for that McCutchen if he's ever put up for adoption.

Nachos Grande said...

I sent you an email about that 'Cutch!

Community Gum said...

I wish they would leave Frank Thomas out of these sets for a year or two. Another round of variations to collect. I got pulled into the hanger box, too. I really don't remember what I got anymore, but I'll check your want lists to see if I can help.

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