Monday, April 09, 2018

2018 Gypsy Queen: Box 1 - Packs 1 - 4 featuring an "almost" box hit!

Yesterday, I showed off the box topper from my first (of two) hobby boxes of 2018 Topps Gypsy Queen.  Today, we get to rip the first four packs out of the box.  I should mention that the box holds 24 packs with two promised on-card autographs lurking within.  

Box 1:  Packs 1 - 4:

This year's Gypsy Queen base card design is much nicer than in year's past.  I like the extra pop of color as well as the little design details.  I didn't pull very many Reds from my three blasters so I am happy to land a Red in the first four packs here (and it's one I didn't yet own which is even better)!

I ended up with two inserts in this group of packs, both of which were Fortune Teller cards (seeded 1:6 packs).

I don't anticipate going after the Fortune Teller set...but I guess I'll wait and see how close I am to completing the full thing by the time I'm done going through both of my hobby boxes (I also got a couple of the Fortune Teller cards in my retail blasters).

And finally, the big "hit" of the first four packs was this logo swap card of Adrian Beltre.

In hobby packs, the logo swap cards are seeded 1:22 packs or slightly more often than one per box.  Perhaps there are some Rangers fans out there who are interested in this one?  Otherwise, all my logo swap cards will end up on eBay in an effort to recoup some of my costs of the boxes.

That does it for the first four packs - not a ton to see but that only means that future posts should be more exciting since I still have the two promised autographs to discover.  


Matt Prigge said...

I picked up a blaster a few weeks and realky like it. The tarot inserts are very cool as well.

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