Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2018 Gypsy Queen: Box 2 - Packs 13 - 16 (in which I pull an autograph!)

It's now time to dive into the second half of the 2018 Gypsy Queen box (box #2 of 2 in fact).  Today's four packs produced a bunch of goodies including two inserts, a parallel, and an autograph.  Read on to find out more.

Box 2:  Packs 13 - 16:

First up, our two inserts which both happened to be of the Fortune Teller variety.

I like the theme of this year's Gypsy Queen inserts, even if the Fortune Teller cards themselves don't interest me all that much.  Thematically, I think Topps hit the nail on the head with the set as a whole and so I commend them for that.

I mentioned already that we had a parallel in the four packs - and here it is:

That's a 1:41 pack black and white parallel of Matt Moore of the Texas Rangers numbered 26/50 on the back of the card.  I don't seem to do a lot of trading with Rangers fans anymore...so if I can't trade this away it'll end up on eBay before too long!

And finally, our autograph:

Yeah yeah, a stinking Twin.  Of course it's a Twin. 

Oh well, at least it is on card and nice looking.  I know nothing about Granite but maybe he'll end up being a superstar and I can retire off this card. 

Not likely.


defgav said...

Lol, you and your "luck" pulling Twins! Congrats on the pull, regardless.

Matt said...

I saw the Twins play a Spring Training game this past March. Towards the end of the game they had Granite playing the outfield alongside another player named Cave. I found that amusing.

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