Delivery Time! Breaking Down a Baseball Card Breakdown Trade

Once again, I have fallen behind in posting some of the recent trade packages that have made their way to my house.  However late I may be, it's not a sign that I don't appreciate the trades.  In fact, I wouldn't still be blogging after all these years if I wasn't still actively trading - it's the biggest highlight of the blog experience for me!

Today's much appreciated trade is courtesy of Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown.

As you can see from the above pile of goodies, my side of the swap consisted of a big ol' pile of 2017 Topps Archives that I still needed for my base set.  While I like the Nolan Ryan and the Stargell cards plenty, the highlight has to be the picture perfect card that is that Daniel Murphy masterpiece.

In fact, let's look at that last card a little closer.


Thanks for the trade, Gavin - sorry it took me so long to get a post written (if it makes you feel better, I've got another 5+ envelopes that are even older that I still need to get posts up for)!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade with me be sure to check my want list and make an offer.  Oh, and if you happen to have a pile of 2017 Archives base cards lying around unloved, here is my want list:

2017 Topps Archives Wants:
Base:  2, 52, 72, 79, 103, 110, 132, 142, 202, 204, 207, 210, 215, 218, 249, 255, 284, 287, 288, 291, 297, 300


  1. I agree, that Murphy is fantastic. I love stadium shots like that.


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