Delivery Time! Remember the Astrodome Remembers Donruss for Me!

So far in 2018, trade packages have been arriving at de Casa de Nachos in furious spurts.  I think I went two weeks where I had at least one package in the mail every day...and then about a month and a half with nothing.  Now, I'm back to getting almost daily packages (which is awesome).  I am willing to bet that it has something to do with my cycle of buying new cards - this year I bought a lot of Topps Series 1 and had plenty of trades but then I sat out Heritage and so trading declined.  Now I'm back on board with Gypsy Queen (and Panini Donruss) and trading is also back.  I know correlation does not equal causation but man, it seems pretty clear to me!

Speaking of Panini Donruss, today's mail day is a PWE from Marc over at Remember the Astrodome.  Marc dropped a pair of Donruss cards in the mail for me which helped me inch ever closer to completing the full base set!

Thanks for the surprise mail day, Marc.  And, as usual, if anyone else would like to trade, be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!