Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The Three Blaster War: Our First Short Print (1:48 packs)

The battle is heating up, here are our current standings:

Current Standings:
Target 1:  9 points
Walmart:  3 points
Target 2:  2 point

With only a seven point spread from first to worst, any of the three blasters still has a decent shot to take home the crown.  It's time for the third (of seven) packs from each box.

As usual, I'll start with the last place blaster.

Target 2:

7.  Rick Porcello
149.  Anthony Rendon
177.  Jeurys Familia
209.  Kevin Gausman
247.  Richard Urena
279  Keon Broxton

I can't say that there is a single card in that pack that interests me - but at least I needed each card still for my set.  Other than that, there's nothing to report here.  Oh wait, what's in the corner of that Gausman?  Yeah, that's a GQ Logo Swap card (seeded 1:29 points) which means it's worth 14 points for the purposes of this little contest.  Of course, I have to subtract 4 points from that total because the Orioles are another virtually untradeable team these days.

Pack total:  10 points
Total so far:  12 points


24.  Byron Buxton
60.  Stephen Piscotty
94.  Nick Markakis
134.  Marcell Ozuna
135.  Addison Russell
278.  Javier Baez

The Buxton and Baez are both nice enough images (+1 each) but then this pack gets hammered for having two Cubs (-4), a Cardinal (-2), and a yet another Twin (-1). 

Pack total:  1 + 1 - 4 - 2 - 1 = -5
Total so far:  -2 points

Target 1:

46.  Adam Duvall
123.  Alex Bregman
171.  Tzu-Wei Lin
261.  Dexter Fowler
286.  Jake Lamb
304.  George Brett

Alright, our first Reds card from any blaster.  Easy +5 points for that!  I give +3 to the Bregman since I like the Astros quite a bit but -2 to the Fowler because I really dislike St. Louis.  Finally, that George Brett is one of the short prints in the set (seeded 1:48 packs) making it worth 24 points!

Pack total:  5 + 3 - 2 + 24 = 30 points
Total so far:  39 points

Current Standings:
Target 1:  39 points
Target 2:  12 points
Walmart:  -2 points

Wow, the Target 1 blaster keeps bringing the heat!  A Reds card (our first from any blaster) plus the nice short print boosted their score considerably.  Still, Target 2 is within striking range - especially if they too produce some sort of fairly rare card.  As for the Walmart blaster...well, the less said the better right now.


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