Wednesday, April 04, 2018

The Three Blaster War: Those Tarot Cards are Pretty Sweet!

The two Target blasters are looking alright while the Walmart blaster has fallen on hard times.  Will those trends continue or is Walmart simply slow playing us?

Current Standings:
Target 1:  39 points
Target 2:  12 points
Walmart:  -2 points


21.  Juan Lagares
43.  Gerardo Parra
228.  Brad Ziegler
267.  Dustin Pedroia
Fortune Teller:  FTM-1.  Aaron Judge
Indigo parallel:  298.  Salvador Perez (#027/250)

I guess Walmart had enough of getting stomped by Target in this Blaster War.  That Fortune Teller is seeded 1:8 packs so that's +4 points though I have to take 2 points off since it's a Yankee.  The indigo parallels are seeded 1:23 packs making that a +11 point card. 

Pack total:  4 - 2 + 11 = 13 points
Total so far:  11 points

Target 2:

12.  Maikel Franco
92.  Zack Cozart
119.  Austin Hedges
127.  Scott Schebler
130.  Michael Fulmer
162.  Francisco Mejia

The Mejia card is a nice looking rookie card, +2 for that one.  Schebler is my second Reds card from the set (+5).  I also happen to like the Hedges card (+2). 

Pack total:  2 + 5 + 2 = 9 points
Total so far:  21 points

Target 1:

3.  Andrew Stevenson
33.  Zack Granite
112.  Logan Forsythe
221.  Sean Newcomb
241.  Brad Hand
Tarot of the Diamond:  8.  Clayton Kershaw

That Tarot card is pretty cool and it's worth 4 points since those are seeded 1:9 packs.  I won't even take points off for it being a Dodger since Kershaw is a pretty good fit for the title "Magician."  That's a really cool card in fact!  Other than that card though, this pack is pretty dull.  I gotta take a point away for a Twins rookie I've never heard of, but otherwise let's just enjoy that Tarot card.

Pack total:  4 - 1 = 3 points
Total so far:  42 points

That was an interesting trio of packs overall.  Our leading blaster didn't do much which allowed the other two blasters to close the gap a bit once again.  Can either of them overtake the first Target blaster?  There are still three packs remaining in each box so anything can happen still!

Current Standings:
Target 1:  42 points
Target 2:  21 points
Walmart:  11 points


Brett Alan said...

I want to photoshop that really nice Austin a Hedges card with Marc-Paul Gosseler (who played the Padres catcher in the TV show Pitch last season).

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