Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Delivery Time! Cardboard Collections Affordable Group Break Recap!

Back in late February (I think?), Colbey of Cardboard Connections hosted one of his Affordable Group Breaks which featured a couple of boxes of early 90s Pacific baseball.  Colbey runs his breaks in much the same way I usually do, that is "buy one team, get one team."  It's a good way for the group break host to control costs and it provides a little bit of "bonus" for group break participants if they happen to get lucky with their second team.

In my case, I wouldn't say that I got particularly lucky or unlucky with my second team - the Chicago White Sox.  Early 90s White Sox cards were useful for tracking down Frank Thomas cards...but other than that I don't have much use for the ChiSox (and there aren't all that many White Sox collectors on the blogs, at least not that I'm aware of).

The good news for me is that I did get a Frank Thomas card from both the box of 1993 Pacific and the 1994 Pacific boxes (the only two boxes in the group break if I recall correctly).  Those are both keepers since I have a small collection of Frank Thomas cards that I've been setting aside for now.

Moving on to the main event, the Cincinnati Reds were the team that I actually claimed and wanted.  Of course, for a 90s set the draw for me is going to be new Barry Larkin cards.

Once again, I lucked out in that both boxes had a Larkin card.  I actually only needed the 1993 version for my collection but I was happy nonetheless to land a pair of Larkins.

I also got a few other keepers for my various player collections that I currently have...

Being honest, I can't say that the set design of either Pacific set is nice enough for me to try and actually build the entire set.  Still, I am happy to have both Barry Larkins (plus there are a bunch of possibilities for my Reds Frankenset that I'll eventually get around to building).  Fun, affordable breaks such as the one run by Colbey are great in that you don't have to hit "major mojo" in order to feel like you spent your cash wisely.  Sometimes you can spend a little bit of money and get a whole lot of fun (even if that fun doesn't involve relics, short prints, autographs, or any other modern baseball card nonsense).

Thanks for hosting the group break, Colbey - I'm sure I'll be back for another one of your breaks when there is another possibility of me landing some more Barry Larkin cards that I don't own!


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