Friday, May 11, 2018

Flashback Friday! Is 1995 Considered Vintage?

One of the biggest problems with blogging for as long as I have is that I often forget about various blog series that I've started.  My Flashback Friday series of posts, in particular, has suffered.  I started the series back in 2015 and it lasted all of two weeks.  In 2016, I had one post while in 2017 I added in two more.  Clearly there are way more Fridays in each of those years as compared to my post count!  

Last year, I did slightly better in that I had three posts...but for 2018, things are looking up in that today's Flashback Friday is already the third one of the year!  So what's in store for today's Flashback?  

How about this pack of 1995 Fleer Ultra that I've had sitting in my desk drawer for who knows how long?  I don't recall buying any of the '95 Ultra when it was released (probably was too pricey for my budget at the time).  Therefore, I'm kind of excited to open the pack since most of these cards should be new to me.

The pack promises a pair of special print cards - 1 insert and 1 gold medallion in each pack along with 10 other base cards.  The pack also mentions that it's possible to find "hot packs" which contain nothing but insert cards  (odds of finding a hot pack are 1:72 packs).  

In the order the cards appear in the pack...

Gold Medallion:  160.  Kurt Abbott

First card and it's already someone I never heard of.  Then again, I probably haven't heard of 90% of the current Marlins playing either so Mr. Abbott shouldn't be offended.

174.  Todd Jones
198.  Jeff Kent

The card design on these isn't terrible...and it's way more muted as compared to Fleer's flagship offering from 1995.  I never think of Kent as a New York Met.

HR King:  6.  Matt Williams

There's our promised insert of the pack - a much-too-busy Home Run King card of Matt Williams.  The Home Run King cards were exclusive to retail packs.  I only mention that because I still think of "retail only" exclusives being a more modern card development.  Nope, Fleer had been doing it for quite some time.

162.  Chris Hammond
154  Charlie Hayes
102.  Reggie Jeggerson

The backs of the cards are "tinted" in the team's primary color.  Kind of a neat idea but sometimes it makes for a difficult to read card.

2.  Sid Fernandez
26.  Wilson Alvarez
160.  Kurt Abbott (same as the Gold Medallion just without the extra logo)
151.  Dante Bichette
Probably the best base card in the pack, for whatever that is worth.

100.  Dave Fleming
He looks like a baby in this photo!

This pack had three Marlins in it which probably isn't ideal for anyone...  Still, it was a fun pack to rip - and I think every card in the pack was new to me.  I probably won't be keeping many of them but that's not the point for a Flashback Friday.  On that note, let's see if I can manage to get a fourth Flashback Friday written before the calendar switches over to the year 2019...


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