Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Great Ohtani Search: Pack #1 (2018 Bowman Baseball)

It's the most popular ticket in town...and no, I don't mean yet another Comic Book Superhero Movie.  Nope, it's Ohtani madness...and I decided not to be left out of the fun.  My local Wal*Mart had exactly one 2018 Bowman blaster remaining on the shelf when I walked by so I nabbed it with $100,000 dreams in my head*.

*not really, but I guy can hope, right?

Did I hit the famed Ohtani?  I'm going to say no without even knowing for sure.  Did I find anything at all in the blaster to make me feel like I didn't waste $20?  That's a fair question...and one I hope to answer as I rip the blaster!

Pack 1:

3.  Corey Kluber

The base cards aren't too bad this year.  I generally avoid Bowman like the plague...and I have no plans to buy this year's set either but that Ohtani lured me in.  Well, that and the fact that I hadn't opened some new cards in awhile.

49.  Shohei Ohtani

Alright!  It's not the super rare one that everyone is looking for but I won't turn down a rookie card of the hottest player in the league right now.  If nothing else, this one will make my Frankenset (when/if I ever get around to putting that beast together)!

79.  Buster Posey
86.  Rougned Odor
BP80.  Matt Hall
BP97.  Corey Ray
BP139.  Travis Lakins

The Bowman brand always confusing me with the various sets within the set.  I do like getting 10 cards per pack at least...80 cards total in the blaster certainly feels like a better deal than some sets.

BCP12.  Thomas Hatch
BCP133.  Tyler Stephenson

Well, between the Ohtani rookie and a Reds' chrome card I cannot complain at all about how the blaster has started. 

#Bowman Trending:  #-FR.  Fernando Romero

We end on a Twins insert card.  I don't usually bother with Bowman in part because other than (maybe) some of the Reds' minor league players, I haven't heard of any of these guys.  The #Bowman Trending insert cards are seeded 1:8 packs...and I guarantee those cards don't age well.  In ten years, the idea of hashtag might be as passe as the idea of a pager is to us now.  Technology ages very rapidly!

All things considered, I couldn't have hoped for much of a better start to the blaster.  With eight packs total (10 cards in each pack), it feels like a "meaty" enough of a purchase to justify the price tag (at least compared to the going rate of baseball cards these days).  I'm hopeful that I'll pull some more good stuff in the remaining seven packs...but you'll have to wait and see what I get when I get around to my next pack rip (and write-up)!


The Angels In Order said...

I swear, seems everyone pulls an Ohtani except me!

Fuji said...

Congratulations! I can't even find a blaster of this stuff... let alone pull an Ohtani.

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