Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Great Ohtani Search: Pack #2 (2018 Bowman Baseball)

The hunt for the super Ohtani is officially on...and I'm jumping in on the action with a single blaster of 2018 Bowman.  Of course, I have no actual belief that I'll find such a rare card...but it's fun to dream, right? 

What isn't a dream is that this blaster has actually been quite good so far (through exactly one pack).  I did pull the Ohtani base rookie card which is probably as much as I could reasonably expect to get so I'm happy about that.  Throw in a Reds card and the first pack was a winner in my book.

Now, let's get to the next pack

2018 Bowman:  Pack 2

23.  Richard Urena
59.  Walker Buehler

Of course, I would pull yet another Dodger. 

70.  Parker Bridwell
100.  Kris Bryant

Alright, I can live with that one even if the image is only half an arm away from being Panini "quality."

BP12.  Thomas Hatch
BP46.  Cristian Pache
BP107.  D.L. Hall
BCP34.  Josh Ockimey
BCP46.  Cristian Pache

That's not a typo unfortunately...that's two Pache cards in the same pack (one chrome and one not chrome).

Bowman Scouts Top 100:  BTP-34.  Alec Hansen

The Bowman Scouts inserts are seeded 1:4 packs so that isn't an overly rare card.  That said, I can only assume that there are 100 cards in the insert set which would make completing the full set a true nightmare.  Luckily for me, I haven't yet been tempted to complete a Bowman set...and I don't think this is the year that I'll break that streak.

Truth be told, it's packs like this one that make me skip Bowman most years.  There was a whole lot of cards of guys I've never heard of...and getting two cards (one chrome, one not chrome) of the same guy is a definite bummer - especially when it's some dude you never heard of who plays for a team you don't care about.  The first pack out of the blaster had me sort of liking Bowman but this pack brought me back down to Earth quickly...I guess the product simply isn't for guys like me.


Bru said...

My experience with Bowman is that the chrome guy is almost always one of the guys who you’ve already pulled a base version of in the same pack.

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