Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Great Ohtani Search: Pack #6 (2018 Bowman Baseball)

I'm writing this post in the wee morning hours of Wednesday, May 30.  Today happens to be the "due date" of our first baby...but as you may know by now, our little bundle of joy decided to arrive back on May 17 instead!  While he works on his "tummy time" in the man cave, I have just enough time (hopefully) to rip through and scan another pack out of the Bowman blaster.

Pack 6:

34.  Amed Rosario
45.  Khris Davis
52.  J.D. Davis

I didn't know much about J.D. Davis until I started watching Houston Astros games in earnest last year and this year.  From what I've seen, he seems like a solid ballplayer.  And I have to admit, the Astros are way more fun to watch than the Reds lately.  I even fancy myself a closet Astros fan these days...mostly because of Altuve being on my fantasy baseball team as my keeper for the past few years.

98.  Whit Merrifield
BP41.  Jason Martin
BP58.  Sean Murphy
BP103.  Mitchell White
BCP49.  Nick Gordon
BCP115.  Cal Quantrill
Bowman Scouts Top 100:  BTP-26.  Austin Hays

This is the second Bowman Scouts insert from the blaster (which is right on the mark since they are 1:4 packs).  I haven't paid much attention to it, but most (all?) of the inserts in Bowman also have parallel versions.  Collecting the entire master set of Bowman must be a true nightmare...I'm a sucker for a lot of baseball card releases that are annoying to put together (Heritage, Upper Deck Timeline, etc.) but I'm glad that even I can avoid the Bowman itch.


P-town Tom said...

It's amazing how fantasy baseball can turn you on to other teams. I'm very much the same way.

John said...

I've been calling the Bowman blasters Ohtani lottery cards (lol).

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