Friday, June 29, 2018

Delivery Time! Bubba Sends.... Part I: The Minis

Believe it or not, I'm still working my way through the last few trade packages that arrived either right before or during the birth of my son.  Today's package is an awesome one filled with goodies courtesy of Matt over at Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits.

Matt is a big Allen & Ginter collector like myself, so we often have nice trades involving the set.  Today's package was no surprise in that sense then since it too was full of Ginter (though not only Ginter).

First up, three of the four remaining Bust a Move minis that I needed from last year's A&G set. 

I was definitely hoping to have made better progress on the 2017 set prior to the 2018 set's release, but alas, I think I'll fall short of that goal.  Still, Matt did me a solid by sending the Bust a Move minis, along with three of the Required Readings minis.

The Required Reading cards are kind of neat in concept - and even in execution (the front of each card actually has the first few lines of each work of literature.  The problem is that when you have a bunch of them together in a binder page, they don't really catch the eye or look very interesting.  Extra credit to Topps, however, for making the first page of The Iliad in Greek rather than English.

The final mini that Matt sent my way from last year's set was this Constellation card of Scorpius.  I don't prescribe much to the practice of astrology but I do know that my birthday falls in such a way that I'm considered a Scorpio.  I assume that Scorpius is "important" then to me, somehow.

Matt sent me a few other cards from the 2017 A&G set which I'll get to later - but for now let's keep looking at the mini cards. 

Heading back in time a bit to 2014, we find one of the annoyingly difficult minis to track down:  an Urban Fauna of the super lovely opossum.

Those have to be some of the ugliest creatures on Earth.  I think they like to play dead just so they don't have to look at each other.

Heading back in time a bit more, we stop at 2012 which was a year that I figured I should try and collect the entire regular back mini set as well as the regular base set.  I don't know what to say about that other than I'm an idiot sometimes.  Still, Matt got me three cards closer - so I'm slightly less of an idiot now.

And finally, we get to go all the way back to 2010 for the final mini of the trade package - a World's Biggest card of the Polar Bear!

I loved the World's Biggest set - though I didn't love that some of the cards were hobby only while the first five were retail only (I think that's how it worked if I remember correctly).  Still, stupid distribution aside, this is a great looking card!

Many thanks to Matt for all the goodies.  I think at this point I've scanned enough cards that I'll show off the second half of the trade in a future post.  My poor scanner is on its last legs and I'm trying not to overdo it right now because I really don't want to have to purchase a new one at the moment!


night owl said...

The Required Reading minis was a fantastic idea. Sadly, none of them have come my way.

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