Sunday, June 24, 2018

Delivery Time! Trade with Cardboard Collections

It feels great to be back blogging...even if I am writing the majority of my blog posts at 2:00 AM (or later).  Lucky you that Blogger has an automatic scheduling feature so you can read my fresh posts at a much more reasonable hour of the day.

For today, I'm still trying to get caught back up - and as part of my efforts I have a trade that I believe actually arrived at my house when I was in the hospital with my wife having our baby.  It's an envelope chock full of 2018 Donruss -  a set that no one cares or talks about any more...except me since I'm the sucker still trying to complete the darn thing.

Luckily for me, Colbey (from Cardboard Collections) had a big ol' stack of cards for my set - and since I finally sent off his stack of cards to him last week, I can now rip this envelope for myself!

This year's Donruss set really drove home the issue of Panini not having the ability to show team logos.  While the Donruss set is nice enough, the lack of logos (both on the card and in the photographs) is both distracting and rather sad.  There are a number of interesting photos that are simply begging for logos...and truth be told, there are a number of super boring photos since Panini had to make sure there weren't any logos showing. 

For example, even a simple card like this Max Scherzer is screaming for a logo. 

Oh sure, Panini did a good job of "sprucing up" the front of the card by using an older design element, but looks like Scherzer is pitching for one of those drug commercials (you know the type, where the guy with a solid red hat is pretending to throw a fastball or something).

While I am bagging on a lot of what Panini did here, I will say there are still a number of nice cards.  For me personally, I liked this pair of Reds that I needed - a past legend and a current legend!

However nice the two Reds are, the true highlight card for me is actually one that features one of my least favorite players of all-time:  Yadier Molina.

That's a "picture perfect all-stars" card of Molina and Nelson Cruz.  While I still wish there were logos present, the photograph itself is top notch...both fun and a true sign of the modern times that we live in.

Colbey, thanks for all the help making my goal of completing the set that much closer to reality!  As for anyone else, I'm back to trading so shoot me an email and make an offer after checking out my want list!


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